Our Story

The Midoc story is just beginning. Born from the simple idea that everyone, everywhere deserves the ability to see a doctor in a timely manner, Midoc is a platform based approach to delivering healthcare in the right place at the right time.

Set up by doctors, who saw the frustrations their patients had in getting timely appointments suited to their lifestyle, at a location they wanted, Midoc utilises innovative technologies and algorithms to level the playing field so that you can access care when you need to.

Over the next century more and more people are going to need healthcare in ever more diverse settings. Building a system that caters to their needs will be one of the biggest challenges we face in the coming decades. Our network based approach aims to reduce the costs of delivering healthcare, sharing existing resources between organisations and practitioners meaning that you get the best quality care at the best price.

Check out the links below to see how we’re already helping local communities change the way they deliver healthcare.

How Midoc is changing
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Our Vision

Midoc was born from the idea that no matter who, no matter where, each and every person deserves the ability to see a doctor in a timely manner.


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