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Midoc is reimagining healthcare. We believe that by linking the different parts of a healthcare system up into a network we can reduce the cost and improve the speed of access of healthcare.

Everyday hundreds of consulting rooms go unused. By leveraging them and linking them into a network we can bring online thousands of extra hours of capacity benefiting the patients who needs appointments.

By joining our network you take all the work out of renting your rooms being safe in the knowledge that local and national regulations have been accounted for. We’ll allow you to maximise your revenue by directly allowing your rooms to be accessed by our independent primary and secondary care practitioners.

Un-wasted Space.

There’s no point in leaving a room unoccupied for any length of time. You don’t want to be heating and lighting it without using it. With Midoc you can place your rooms for rental on our network. We’ll help you get set up and ensure that you meet the requisite requirements.

Access the network

You’ll be able to offer your customers premier services, and differentiate yourselves from competitors. Whether you’re a local golf club, gym or even an office space, ask us today how we could boost your earnings by joining the network.

The Midoc Standard

We at Midoc do all the hard work. We’ll ensure that your rooms are fit for medical consultation for the independent practitioners to use. Work with us to see how we could change your Standard

Low Cost High yield

Bring online any rooms for as little as £10 per month. From choosing when to bring your rooms online to setting the rental price, you’re in charge. Use the online platform to manage your locations and receive clear and simplified reports breaking down your earnings.

Midoc was born from the idea that no matter who, no matter where, each and every person deserves the ability to see a doctor in a timely manner.


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