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Take Your Time

All our appointments are up to 15 minutes long giving you enough time to discuss any issues you may need to.

It’s the Small Details

At Midoc we’ll let you know exactly when your appointment is, meaning you don’t have to wait for as long. You’ll be able to receive any notes and prescriptions straight from the GP without further charge.

The Relationship

We may be building tomorrow’s platform but we hear you. When something’s not broken there’s no need to fix it. That’s why all of our consultations are face to face and in person at comfortable, convenient locations.

Peace of Mind

All doctors approved onto our network have GMC registration and are approved by the CQC for their practice.

Continuous feedback

We value your feedback. That’s why we’ll ask you to rate every single consultation at the end so that we can continue building tomorrow’s healthcare.

Onwards and upwards

You’ll be able to seek referral onwards to an approved specialist seek private referral onwards meaning that you can be seen within days at a local hospital when you want to be.

Changing the way you think about health care


Midoc was born from the idea that no matter who, no matter where, each and every person deserves the ability to see a doctor in a timely manner.


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