Frequently Asked Questions

Use the online system to sign in and book an appointment through the online platform. Our system will let you know when and where the appointment has been booked.
Your first port of call should be to call 999 and attend A&E. Midoc is intended to be in addition to your own GP and does not replace the services that you can get through an NHS GP.
We are creating an appointment portal for family members but as of yet we only offer appointments to those over 18 attending and booking themselves.
Yes. You can expect to seek referral to a specialist practitioner through Midoc. You will be given a choice of approved practitioners to choose from. As our network grows you’ll be able to access more and more services.
Yes, you can get a prescription through Midoc. This will be a private prescription so it is not covered by the NHS prescription charge. However, we do not charge for making the prescription. The cost of a typical course of antibiotics is less than £5 for 7 days.
At present Midoc is working on providing a delivery functionality to any patients using the platform.
Yes, you can cancel an appointment free of charge up until 3 hours before the appointment. After then the appointment will be charged in full.
No, Midoc does not allow you to see you own regular NHS GP or any member working in the same practice or partnership as them.
You. Plain and simple. Midoc uses open source software secured to US healthcare standards using HIPAA compliant servers and secure transmission protocols so that your data is secured when viewed on a computer. A doctor cannot access your records without you having booked an appointment with them. You can choose which doctors get to see your data and what is written about you. Nothing a doctor writes will be hidden.
Whilst all practitioners approved to use the Midoc platform are checked so that they are GMC registered and on the specialist register, concerns can sometimes be raised. If you would like contact support then please email to raise any concerns and we will investigate.

Midoc was born from the idea that no matter who, no matter where, each and every person deserves the ability to see a doctor in a timely manner.


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